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Where we offer unparalleled dental care, individual attention, comfort and ultimate satisfaction in a relaxing ambiance. We empathize with our patients regarding their dental problems and apprehensions and pay careful attention to their concerns. We offer them alternative solutions and they come to trust us as their friends.


Our office is equipped with state-of-the art equipment. And along with our use of the best dental material, combined with our expertise and experience, every dental procedure is comfortable and the ultimate customer satisfaction is achieved. Our newly constructed, free standing office offers a relaxing ambiance with ample parking.

Important General Dental Information

Besides the obvious reasons, there are others, very important ones, why dental wellbeing is imperative. Specifically, in a meeting of the society for General Microbiology, world renowned researchers presented research papers stating that bacterial infections due to bad teeth add to one’s chance of getting a heart disease. Also, open blood vessels from bleeding gums provide opportunity for bacteria to enter into the bloodstream where they create conditions that can provoke heart attacks and strokes.